Swedish Steel Prize 2011 Picture Hasse Eriksson


On 02/06/2018, INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) awarded the company Rotary-Ax, the cutting set patent presented in the 2011 edition of the Swedish Steel Prize by the company’s founder and engineer, Werner Krüger D’Almeida , Promoted by the Swedish steel company SSAB in Stockholm-Sweden.

International award, for the invention of the BASE CUTTING DISC FOR MECHANIZED SUGARCANE HARVESTERS, which honors the art of engineering and innovation with the aim of recognizing and rewarding innovative projects and the most creative solutions that use high strength steels.

The proposed innovation consists of a cutting set, basically formed by three discs of resistant material and laminated cutting knives, fixed and regulated to the cutting set by means of gears, type of drag rack and locking device of the laminated knives, the which are juxtaposed and equidistant at the ends of the intermediate disk. The cutting set provides a practical and robust system, in which the laminated cutting knives substantially tangentially in relation to the central hole in the intermediate disk, are fixed and locked by means of fitting in flexible cavities arranged in the structure of the said disk, and moved by means of a drag adjustment system using rack-type gears, provided with a tightening or loosening nozzle by means of a pito key, through the external holes arranged on the sides of the side discs, without the need to disassemble the assembly. The lower disc and the upper disc are the same in size and shape. The intermediate disk also has a similar size, however it differs from the others, as it is specially designed in a more noble material (fatigue resistant, spring effect, impact resistance and wear) to accommodate the laminated cutting knives and the referred drag gears and locking.