The supply of power and raw material for the Brazilian Industry is made available in large scale by the forestry sector, creating products for the national internal market and the international external market, for the processing industry or the construction industry, for example.

In Brazil, there are still more peculiar characteristics because the country is among one of the main holders of rich forest resources, being the only one that has an extensive area of ​​forest cover in the world, mainly tropical forests.

Rotary-Ax has emerged to meet the requirements of this sector, and is constantly specializing in the development and continuous improvement of its products for cutting and thinning reforested areas, mainly of the species Pines and Eucalyptus. Offering products such as BARS, SPROCKETS, REPLACEABLE SPROCKETS NOSES, SAW TEETH, among others, ROTARY-AX ensures its customers that all of these products are manufactured with high-strength materials.


Saw Teeth